My Priorities.


a. Fight for competitive salary so that the district can recruit and retain quality teachers.

b. Support opportunities for relevant professional development opportunities for teachers.

c. Work with district unions to ensure that their input is being heard and considered to

improve the district.


a. Ensure that quality programs like Dual Language, preschool and Montessori stay in place

and are available for all students.

b. Support College Readiness programs as it is never too early to have students explore

their options.

c. Include Financial Literacy in core subjects like math so that students are being prepared

at an early age to be responsible with their finances.

d. Advocate for after-school programs so that students are being enriched with extra-curriculars.


a. Address outside factors that impact students being prepared to learn: Poverty, Health Care, Mental Health, School to Prison pipeline, Housing, Food Insecurity and all of the social determinants of education.

b. Collaborate with community agencies to provide programs for parents.

c. Collaborate with local businesses to provide new opportunities for all families in the district.

The people in these photos are my why.

My students, my community, my family.

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