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Learn about Violeta’s priorities as your next School Board Member for the Osborn School District.

Latinx, Teacher, Wife, First-Gen, Daughter + Community Advocate

Violeta was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and has lived in the Osborn School District for 11 years. She is a proud product of public education and is the reason she is so passionate about advocating for the community she lives, works and leads in. She is a first-generation graduate in her family to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the University of Arizona and has recently acquired a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. Violeta has 11 years of previous work experience in the nonprofit sector supporting various marginalized and underserved communities, where her heart and passion lies most. She strives to empower these communities to not view themselves as barriers but as valuable assets that bring power, culture and positive change to the table!

Violeta is currently a high school Spanish teacher and provides mentorship to her first gen students by providing college readiness resources and additional supports to set her students up for success.

In pursuit of obtaining a better understanding of how the education system works and the role politics plays in the school system, Violeta went on to undertake an immersive Fellowship with ALL In Education, an Arizona non-profit and leader in the education advocacy space. She completed her fellowship in May of 2022 and was inspired to apply what she learned. This is why she is running for a School Board position. Violeta has a vision for positive change. She understands that a culture shift needs to take place in order to properly serve the people who live, work and play in the Osborn School District. She is ready to deliver honest leadership that not only identifies with the people but will dig deeper and make a real, sustainable impact in the community.

Teachers. Students. Community.

“Some men seek things and ask why. Others DREAM things and ask WHY NOT.”

-George Bernard Shaw

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